Frequently Asked Questions

"Shipping locations where we can ship"

If you are buyers living in North America, Oceania, Europe and Asia, you can place any orders.


Shipping varies by countries. According to our courier, it is determined by total weights and size of items. Unfortunately we can not offer Free Shipping at this moment unless Covid-19 completely ends.


You can send back items without the return shipping only if it has any damages (like broken or defective) or you received the wrong items by our mistake. In that case before you do that, please feel free to message us about that. 

"Delivery method"

Our current shipping method is only FedEx. Basically we use this courier on the shipment abroad, but often use Japan Post for buyers in Asia from some reasons.

"Tracking number"

All items comes with your original tracking number whenever we ship abroad. We will let you know that once I shipped out. Please check the web site to track where your package is now. But if the arrival of your package is very delayed, please contact us as soon as possible. We will check it out.  


We ship out any items within 10 business days at most. Of course we're going to do as soon as possible.

"Payment method"

You can make payment via Paypal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, not only Visa, Master Card, AMEX and JCB.

"Currency and Language"

Main currency and language is English on our store. But you can change it to your mother currency and language.


We have some SNS and WhatsApp, not only chat box on my store. You can ask us anything via them anytime. Please click the CONTACT page if you have any other questions. 

"Tax and duties"

Buyers have an obligation to pay that when you receive the package from abroad (in this case, it's Japan). This is beyond our control, thus please check and ask your customs or the related web sites of your country before you purchase if you'd like to understand the whole things. You can get the exact amount for tax and duties there.